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Cut-Art Laser Technologies Ltd choses to use its Knowledge, its experience and its expertise in order to touch interest areas such as art and unique works and be challenged by projects that no competitor or industrialist could deal with nor have the desire to intend to.

Furthermore we also product simple and uncomplicated parts for all kind of industries and such.

In addition we product custom made production in the same way we advise and assist the customer to produce his art exactly as he saw it in his imagination starting by choosing the model, constructing and drawing the model, choosing the best material and thickness for the project, and ending with the final cut..

The company commits to confidentiality and copyrighting and promises not to make use, duplicate or copy non of the customer unique work programs.

Designing Service

The company gives designing, drawing and preparing an applicable files for the machines to cut, also advising service all along  the process.

In addition and regardless we give drawing and applicable files service for all require with no customer obligation to preform.

Cutting Service

The company provides a  big variety of materials  for the use of laser cutting in accordance to customer choice and for big range of professional branches and also allows to provide the material himself.

Designing and Cutting Fences, Gates, Signs, Tangles, Mandalas, Pictures etc,

The company commits to short delivery time of 10 business days max.  

It also provides shipment service by Israel courier service according to Israel Post policy, and  packing the products according to customer demands.


קאט ארט טכנולוגיות ליזר בע”מ

תמוז 4 ת.ד. 8431

קרית גת 820369

Cut Art Technologies Ltd

Tamuz 4 St. P.O.B 8431

Qiryat Gat 820369 Israel

E-mail: cut-tech@zahav.net.il


Anat Schinasi Lemberg


Michael Schinasi Lemberg